Monday, December 29, 2008

it's the most wonderful time of the year

i've been meaning to post several more festive photos, but there was something amiss with blogger and i couldn't until now. so although christmas and new years have passed and the snow is now depressing dirty-gray (and you can see everywhere the dogs have been, if you know what i mean), it's still quite cold, blustery and oh-so-hot toddy-worthy here! cheers!

when it first started to snow we thought it was fun and creative to make "snow chutes;" after a while we just scraped and shoveled and tried not to swear like a sailor. only the canines continue to find pure, pure joy in it...

sort of an old fashioned photo, in honor of the most snow we can remember in years...

i'd like to come in now, please!

shimmery christmas ribbon with foothills behind

i like christmas treats, too!

i just can't get enough of that cold white stuff!

all this playing in the snow is hard work!

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