Saturday, February 21, 2009

mama mia!

my mom's birthday was this week, february 18 to be exact. the day not only marks the birth of my mom, but since, 2006, also marks the death of my dad. and, to pile irony upon irony, it also marks my parents' wedding anniversary (this year would have been 42). it goes without saying then, that february 18 is a huge day--for mom and for us all.

this year was even more profound, if that is at all possible. it was my mom's 60th. and so it was a day--and a year--for something big.

ever since i can remember my mom has loved italy--the food, the pace of life, the wine, the romance. she has always wanted to go--specifically to tuscany.

enter "mom's trip of a lifetime to italy." in october i will be taking her to florence, cinque terre, venice, the chianti region and maybe rome, if she feels like it.

the family sprang the surprise on her in the evening, at an italian restaurant, of course. but the day began at home with cranberry-almond-orange cardamom scones with cream cheese and lemon curd spread, and blanc de noir domaine st. michele champagne.

it was lovely.

happy birthday, mom!

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