Saturday, January 31, 2009

hello, my little egg cup friends!

i've missed you. i really have. ever since i got you from kate for my birthday, you've been trusty (and cute) friends. but for a while there eggs disagreed with me. i'm not going to use the world "allergic" to describe my relationship to the little oval delights because one taste wouldn't send me to the e.r., but "sensitivity" would describe it. very uncomfortable tummy, a heavy-feeling chest. an after-easter egg sandwich found me with cell phone in hand, ready to dial 911, my chest was so tight.

but, not now! the eggs and thus the cute egg cups, spoon and special shell-cracker are BACK! how? after learning of a study that suggests the rise of peanut allergies here and in the UK might be due to hysteric regard of that food (and unnecessary avoidance of that food in pregnant women) i thought: what if i treat my condition by re-introducing eggs to my diet, a little at a time; sort of a vaccine. or an egg therapy? i did and it worked. i now feel fine eating eggs and have a soft-boiled egg at least twice a week.

now, i'm prolly not going to make a 6-egg omelette any time soon, but that's as much to do with the waist line as it is the tummy ache.

Friday, January 2, 2009

not so fast, mr. spring

so i said in my last post that the snow here has gotten dingy gray. it reminds me of the day after christmas; remnants of the main event remain, but just barely. honestly, when it's that way don't we all want it if it's christmas we want to see the snow and the lights and if it's not, let's think about new years or valentine's day.

i've been in that mode the last couple of days. shoveling piles of dog poo and scraping sandy chunks of ice, not so fun. ready for mr. spring to come, at least a little. a bit of sunshine would be you can imagine my surprise when i awoke up this moring not to piles of gray sludge, not to gritty sand everywhere you walk, not to icy holes of yellow pee. instead, winter whiteness! mr. winter brought it. what a delightful surprise.

i took the dogs for a walk up the hill at sunrise and snapped this photo.

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