Thursday, October 9, 2008

On The Road (After Bed)

so, my last post lamented that my local pbs station wouldn't be airing a highly anticipated national series, spain on the road again ("rocky mountain high?). much to my delight and surprise a rep from kcts, my local station, emailed me right after the post went live to let me know that they will indeed be airing the series, just a month or so later than other affiliates. i said: great! i can wait until october.

well, tonight's the big night. i just checked the evening programming guide for kcts to see exactly when i can let myself be transported to spain and all things gwen and mario. i found out the airtime is tonight at 11 pm. now, is it just me or is that, like, BEYOND primetime? not to whine (more than necessary), but come now. spain on the road again is pre-empted by:

1. baseball (apparently a dramatic show, NOT a game)
2. conversations at kcts (not sure what this is, but please let it NOT be a donor drive)
and (this is my fave)
3. get ready for digital

the other day my friend kate asked me if i had seen the show on iTunes, since she knows i haven't seen it broadcast on tv yet and since the first episode download from iTunes is free and since every civilized person on earth has access to iTunes (being on par with having a flush toilet). i said, noooo, i'm waiting for the show to air to support my local pbs station.

smug little me.

not anymore. the gloves have come off. my enlightened liberal poise is taking a backseat (a spot way back in the trunk?) to facility. bring on the download, i say.

question: do you think the station didn't have to pay as much for the rights to air the show if they aired it after 10 pm? just wondering why (i presume) an infomercial for the switch to digital tv in '09 would pre-empt gwen and mario. or why it would pre-empt ANY show at all.


Anonymous said...


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Kelli said...

hey, thanks for your comment!

the post did include info on the iTunes download. i was hoping to support my local pbs station. but iTunes it is! yeah!

thanks again for the info.


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