Sunday, September 14, 2008

rocky mountain high? (on the road again, part 3)

everyone, stop what you are doing. i just found out some very sad news: my local pbs station, kcts, will NOT be airing, spain on the road again. i know, unconscionable, but true. i just downloaded the kcts september schedule. in the september 20, 7 pm time slot they will airing--wait for it--JOHN DENVER. please, feel free to locate kcts' email and send them very stern reprimands!

i'm going to have to get creative. i'm not normally about doing the bit torrent thing (aka, internet rip offs) but i'm definitely tempted on this one. maybe i should buy myself an early christmas present and just pre-order the dvd set...



Daphne said...

Hi Kelli,

Good news... We're going to be airing "Spain... On the Road Again" Thursday nights at 11pm starting October 9.


Daphne Adair
dadair at

Kelli said...

that's great, daphne! really glad to hear it.

not that i don't like john denver, but...


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