Tuesday, August 12, 2008

on the road again

it's been, what, 658 dog years since i wrote here. i cringe to see that i've changed my oil since i actually posted some comments. but i think i'm starting to get why. i feel like i have to write something important. or i should say try to write something important (i'm not so uber self-confident to think that i ever achieve *importance* in much of anything i write!) anyway, to heck with gravitas and to heaven with gastronomy. i want to opine about an upcoming show i discovered, a pbs show that features the cuisine of spain, a road trip with mercedes coupes, a celebrity chef, and actress and groupies (aka, friends).

no, this is not a joke, although it does sound a little like the one that goes "there was a priest, a rabbi and a banker." it's for real. the show is called "spain...on the road again," and stars gwyneth paltrow, mario batali and two people i've never heard of but are apparently near and dear to "bats" and gwyn. the show's concept is simple yet oddly fascinating. take 4 unlikely travel buddies, give them sports cars to drive and point them in the direction of spain, where they are to eat just about everything they can get their incisors on for a duration of 1 season plus 1 month. film the trip and air it. sounds a little weird (can YOU imagine mario and gwyn chatting it up for 4 months??) but i'm thinking lovers of all things mario, gwyn, spain and/or food will find something to watch here. hey, i saw the youtube clip less than an hour ago and already i'm already thumbing through the spanish tapas cookbooks and decanting the malbec. but if you're having trouble wrapping your head around the concept, check it out for yourself here.

well, check out the show's site and then prepare yourself for the guilt that is inevitable (you'll be two-timing rick steves, and on his own network after all!). after you watch the show, which airs sometime in september on local pbs stations, check back here. i'd be interested to know if you found it better than any of the 43 food network shows aired on any given day that feature bobby flay grilling lobster tacos or rachael ray cooking a "yum-o" 30-minute meal.


kate o. said...

oh my stinking goodness!!! how crazy is that? and i think i'm too excited to be perfectly honest. kel, you'd love mark bittman. he write for the new york times, has a great blog, and his vegetarian cookbook is amazing.

i think we could do a show like this...

Kelli said...


mark bittman sounds great! call me a socialist (jk, please don't), but i'm more and more interested in what public broadcasting has to offer for (cooking) shows. maybe they can afford to make their stuff more interesting because they are not pandering to the masses? or at least the masses listen to classical music, drive old volvos and have season tickets to the symphony? i don't know. but i'll def. check bittman out, esp. his veg. cookbook. with the price of food these days, it seems like it's almost all about the veggies!

thanks for your comments. and let's compare notes on the mario/gwyneth/spain spectacle, shall we?


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