Saturday, February 2, 2008

5 & 5

I'm such a blogger newbie that I didn't know I was supposed to put the following comments on my site when I got tagged by a friend to do it ( So here goes: five odd things about me and five places I'd like to visit/revisit:

5 things:

1. I grew up on an island.

2. I went to college in another country (Canada, but hey!, or eh…)

3. I was born with a strange little wrinkle in my left earlobe and I keep forgetting to get it fixed (but how do I forget, when my niece keeps asking if my ear is still broken?)

4. I, too, worked in a coffee shop, am a coffee freak and am known for being into coffee (I get coffee crap in my christmas stocking). But I, too, forget how many beans to grind for the french press. This irritated my dad to no end.

5. I grew up in a community church, was involved in YWAM, went to a Free Church university, joined Campus Crusade (sorta Baptisty) became a Presbyterian, went to a Reformed Seminary where I became an Anglican, and then returned home to work at 3 Lutheran churches. Can you say CONFUSED?

5 places:

1. I absolutely must go back to Slovenia. I’ve been twice, one time under “normal” circumstances (traveling through to Italy) and the other in a time of war (Kosovo). It is called “little Europe” because it features every climate in Europe–from the Julian alps in the north (by Austria) to the Mediterranean in the south (by Italy/Croatia). With the variety of climes, come tons of diverse activities, sites, scenes, etc. The capital city, Ljubljana, is situated on a winding river and boasts incredible Renaissance and Neo-Classicist architecture. Coincidence that Ljubljana means “beloved?” I think not.

2. Boston. Okay, maybe all that needs to be said here is that I visited Boston on business in FEBRUARY and loved it. But what’s more, the little place I stayed, the Newbury Guest House (, was so cozy, I wanted to move in.

3. Italy (I can cruise through Sovenia on the way…). I am whacky for Italy. I know, join the club. So this is no surprise in many respects. My specific reason for mentioning it is that I’d like my next visit to be with my mom and sister. We’ve always wanted to go together. Maybe if our business starts making money, we can comp it!

4. Ireland. My peeps on my mom’s side are from there (name: Lewis; island of Lewis, that connection). We’ve always been more in touch with the other (German) side of the fam, so it’s time to honor the Irish!

5. Big Island, Hawaii. I know, really original. But my mom and dad spent much of their retirement together there and we have a ton of great memories. My dad, who passed away a year ago, wanted some of his ashes to be scattered there. Sorry to end on a macabre note, but just keepin’ it real!

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