Monday, January 28, 2008

yeah, a snow day!

Today's post was going to be a compare/contrast excerpt on two books I recently read about Italy. Don't worry, Italy-philes, I'll get to it later. Today something much more important occupied my time: snow. Yes, it was a snow day! Around here, where it can be drizzly and overcast but not snowy that often, snow days mean either drive around and curse a lot or: play! Since cursing is a habit I am really trying to curb, I chose to play.

Anyway, everyone who has ever had a snow day knows they're all about stolen, fun moments. You are supposed to be working/at school/doing serious stuff. Instead the menu changes to peanut butter toast with hot chocolate. No one cares that your clothes gloves don't exactly match your coat and your boots are hand-me-downs. Or that your nose is running. The world is a clean, pure, insular wonderland waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. It's hard not to feel cozy, even if your fingers get a little cold and your pant legs wet.

I wonder if the joy of a snow day is anything like the joy of heaven. One day you wake up and all around you is perfect, as it should be. You are excited to get out of bed. Neighbors are no longer just normal people (or even enemies), but the best playmates you could want. Business as usual is anything but usual. Or business. Time is special or altogether forgotten. Today is a great day and you want it to last forever.

I hope heaven is like a snow day, minus the runny nose (even though no one cares).


kateortiz said...

look at you rubbing that snow in my face. i'll eat a strawberry in your honor.

Kelli said...

I know, so horrible of me! Originally I wrote in parens: "Kate, try to focus on the tasty fruits and veggies at the farm stand." :) I'm sure one of these days you'll get your fill of snow...


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